Friday, March 20, 2009

Let's get this party started!

As a fellow writer friend of mine has said, I've been "dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st Century." I've tried this before, but now I have friends to help me and I am going to learn as I go along. So let me introduce myself! My name is Laura Popp, L.J. Popp in the writing world and this is a writing journal. I am a shameless self-promoter!

Every week (Friday or Saturday) I will post on a specific writing topic. I’ll incorporate my own writing samples and struggles, and each week will feature a simple “writing tip” that sums it all up. But before I post on this week’s topic, query letter, let me get into some of my credentials.

I write primarily young adult fantasy and science fiction, though I also write quite a bit of Christian fiction and non-fiction as well. I’ve been published in two paying markets, Beyond Centauri and Story, have had numerous unpaid publications and have won several significant awards, including Second Place for Young Adult novel in the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation Inc. Contest and two honorable mentions in the world-wide Writers of the Future Contest. Right now Zumaya Publications is looking (with interest) at one of my novels, Treasure Traitor. Cross your fingers everyone!

You can read more about this story and my writing endevors on the University of Tulsa website, I'm one of the featured alumni! On the homepage, scroll down to where it says "alumni and friends." There's about three different featured alumni, so if I'm not there, just refresh the page a couple of times. They've had a couple of publications about me and my writing; never dis free publicity folks!

I also write for commission. Currently I’m working for the University of Tulsa writing a history of their Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge program and for movie producer of sorts, co-writing a script. I was a film major in college (just graduated from the University of Tulsa in December) and am currently showing my latest film “Malawi Missions,” an eleven minute documentary about my summer trip to Malawi, Africa. I'm organizing a Malawi film festival at Circle Cinema in Tulsa on Monday, May 4th from 6:30-9:30, and my film will be among the three presented. Y'all come now! And of course, it's on youtube at I'm screening it at different churches around Tulsa and for whatever societies can find me a projector or large TV. If you’d like to book a showing, please contact me!

All for now. Y'all come back now, ya'hear?

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