Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some scary happenings...

Well, I was planning to go to the Toba aquarium this Saturday morning and afternoon, but something totally crazy happened on Friday night while I was asleep. I shouldn`t give any details, but suffice it to say someone broke into my apartment (well, actually I was stupid and left my door unlocked), and did some rather…disturbing things, including throw up all over my bathroom. I think this person was drunk. Anyway, I`m OK, this person didn`t hurt me. I called the ambulance and they came, then someone (not me) called the police, and then this person was taken to the station for questioning. I`m OK. Just a little shell-shocked.

What did I learn from this experience? ALWAYS lock your door. Japan isn`t safe anymore, even in the inaka (countryside). I say this as a warning to others, especially single ladies living alone. Something terrible could have happened to me! Thank God it didn`t…

I definitely think that was an attack from the Enemy. Because Saturday was our Popp movie night at the church! Saturday I was so exhausted I slept in late, then did some chores around the house, then went to church to help host the event. Despite the attack from the night before, it went great! We showed the American movie Fire Proof (Fire Storm in Japanese) and even though only two ladies came (both from my Thursday night class), they responded really well! We had a really great discussion afterwards. I definitely recommend it. Hopefully, we`ll have a movie night every month!

Prayer Requests for this week: I would appreciate your prayers for peace and safety. This sort of thing might continue…I really hope it doesn’t. Also, praise for the fact that my Thursday night class is growing! We`re up to nine people now!

Speaking of that class (this isn`t a prayer request, just observation), last week we played “getting to know you bingo.” That`s really fun. Basically you write 9-12 categories on a piece of paper, like “friends, food, hobbies, movies, books, family, animals, sports, music” and spread them throughout the paper in grid form (3 X 3 or 3 X 4 etc). Then ask the students to write a yes or no question for each. Such as, “Do you have a sister?” and “Do you like strawberries?” and “Do you own a cat?” Then they go around the room asking each other the questions. As soon as they find someone who says “Yes,” they write their name under the category. The first person with a blackout wins! The only problem, of course, is that maybe there is no one who can answer your question. There are two solutions for this. With an easy class, make it so the questions are very basic, such as “Do you play a sport?” and “Do you have any sisters or brothers?” Or, for a more advanced class, you could have them ask any question pertaining to that category (animals, movies, whatever), until they find one that the other person answers “yes” to, then they write down the question and the person`s name. This second version takes longer, but gets them to use more English. I can`t claim credit for this game, by the way. I got it at an English camp, though I did modify it slightly.

Anyway, I added some pictures to my earlier posts entitled “A Japanese Fourth of July” and “Camping and Barbequing in Japan!” These are from other people`s cameras, because unfortunately, mine is still broken and the shop won`t have it fixed for another two weeks! (Hopefully it`ll be done by the time Mom comes!) My computer is also still broken…but the one at school works great and I got an awesome new story idea! So life goes on, the good, the bad, the terrifying, and the glorious.

Until next time, keep loving and keep praying,
L. J. Popp


Mistress of the Manse said...

Oh, Laura, I'm so sorry about that frightening experience happening to you, and so thankful it wasn't worse.

Although, please be careful of your mental health - it is possible you might experience some post-traumatic stress from this incident, and you may want to make sure you talk it through completely with an understanding native English speaker. If you have nightmares or anything, write to me and I will send you some essential oils for that!

L.J. Popp said...

I`m all right now, thanks. I talkeda about it a lot with my mother and my pastor. The only remaining ill effects is that I sleep very light, but that was good last night because I woke up at the first shake on a earthquake and was able to hide under my table before the things falling from my shelves smashed into me. I hate to say it, but sometimes I`ve just had enough Japan! Fortunately, my mom is coming soon and we`re doing a lot of traveling, so that should be a welcome relief.