Saturday, January 22, 2011

Japanese Illuminations!

January 15th, I went to the famous "illuminations" at Nabanano Sato flower gardens! Fortunately, most illuminations in Japan don`t end with New Year`s, but last all winter. The Nabanano Sato displays are reportedly the best in Mie Prefecture, and it`s no wonder. First we (one of my high school students, another American English teacher and me) walked through a long tunnel of golden light:

We emerged into an ocean of blue lights, designed to ripple like waves:

In the background of the waves you can see the virtual mountain. One moment it seemed to have a rising sun reflecting off its icy slopes, and the next appeared to be erupting like a volcano. Lights like dolphins leaped in front of it, and we could almost smell salt in the air. Here's a picture of the "rising sun" mountain:

We stood and gazed for awhile, then left through a rainbow tunnel of light:

Near the exit of the park, there was a huge "UFO" to greet us.

Actually, that's the observation platform modeled after Mt. Fuji. It has a mechanical arm that the operator can use to lift it high into the sky, and at least 50 people can ride.

Two countries, two amazing displays. I feel truly blessed to be able to travel between them so easily.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the new English test-prep and Evangelism classes for Junior High and High School students I`ll be starting soon, and preparations for my mission trip to Pakistan.

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