Saturday, May 12, 2012

India, safe and sound!

Hi, everyone! Yesterday I flew from Tulsa to Chicago, Chicago to Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi to Bangalore without any trouble. Well, actually, I lost the piece of paper with George's address and phone number on it, so when I got to customs, I was in a bit of a jam when they asked for the exact location I would be staying. We got it sorted out, though, and George was right there to meet me when I came out of the airport doors at 6:30am, two hours later than expected because of a flight delay.

I'm staying with George and Manju in their apartment, just across the street from the children's home. I was wrong about the 13 children; there are only 10, but twelve including Jedi and Susanna, the house parent's daughter. I have my own room, with a very nice balcony and view, a shower with warm water, and a fan. The only modern convenience "lacking" is an air-conditioner, but after two years without one in Japan, I don't mind it. It's not as hot as I expected.

I've spent the day talking with them and settling in. They're such wonderful Christian people. I feel so honored to be here working with them and I know I will learn a lot!

Specific prayer requests:

1.) George wants to take the children on an outing before school stars up again in June, but because it's high season for travel, the tickets are more expensive than anticipated. Please pray he will find something economical but still fun and enriching for the children.

2.) My health has much improved, but my flu-like symptoms are still hanging on slightly. I'm very tired and congested still.

Until next time, keep loving and praying,

L.J. Popp 

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