Friday, June 22, 2012

Bannerghatta National Park

Today on my day off, I went to Bannerghatta National Park with my friends Ruth and Barani!

We rented a car and driver, a 2000 rupees ($40) package for ten hours. We left around 8:30, and it took about one and a half hours to get there. We went on a bumpy bus safari, (where we literally saw lions, tigers, and bears) walked around a butterfly sanctuary, and visited the zoo. Here are some pictures:

White tiger on the safari:

Bear on the Road:

African hornbill:

We saw a stray cat in the crocodile cage. Either that's a very brave or very stupid cat!

There were lots of wild monkeys running around loose, including some babies!

A man told us we could could go inside the special breeding center where we saw the cocoons and dead butterflies.

I kept asking him, "Baiya (older brother), how much is it?" but he wouldn't answer my question. He was acting like it was free, then he charged us! He asked for 150 rupees, but we only gave him 50. It's easy for foreigners to get cheated here, but I won't let that happen.

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Had dinner at McDonalds and came back around 6:30pm. A very nice day!

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Audra said...

Hey Laura! Miss you at Monday night critique group! Glad to hear you're doing well and making more memories to inspire your future writing projects!